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Book helps children in the middle of a child custody fight

Parents who have decided their marriage isn't working might opt to get a divorce. Because of how the divorce changes the family structure, the children might have difficulties adjusting to the change. When that happens, the parents might look for ways to help the child cope. For some children, reading about how other children deal with divorce and learning about life changes might help them to cope with the divorce better.

Colorado residents who are facing a divorce with child custody issues might like to know about a young author who wrote a book to try to help children cope with the changes of divorcing parents. This book, "A Perfect Kind of Different," is meant for children who are 6 to 12 years old. The main focus is to help the children realize that they aren't responsible for their parents splitting up. It gives children knowledge that can help them as they learn to live without their parents in the same home.

Divorce, sleep and your health are all tied into each other

Going through a divorce is a stressful situation. The issues normally associated with divorce can bring on worry. That worry can lead to sleep disturbances. A study that was done on 138 people who had gone through a divorce 16 weeks prior to the study showed that there are potentially serious health risks associated with the stress of divorce. These findings might interest Colorado couples who are going through a divorce or people who have recently divorced.

In the study, participants were required to go to a sleep lab for monitoring. It was discovered that the subjects had difficulty sleeping. While this didn't present a problem in the first visit to the sleep center, in subsequent visits an increase in blood pressure was noted. This is attributed to the loss of sleep earlier in the 7.5 month study.

Pamela Anderson files for divorce after 6-month marriage

Anyone who is married knows that marriage isn't always an easy journey. It can be rather difficult. Some couples are able to work through the difficult times, but other couples just can't make things work out. For those in the latter group, a divorce is sometimes the result. Some of our Colorado readers might like to know about a celebrity divorce that was recently filed.

People might remember the news about Pamela Anderson and Rick Salomon getting married in 2007 and then divorcing a short time later. That marriage lasted two months. Well, the couple got married again in January. Anderson filed for a divorce recently, so this time around they lasted around six months or so.

Child custody issues nixed for women who were raped

Women who have been raped often have a very difficult road ahead of them. When the rape leads a pregnancy, the difficulty is increased. After the child is born, some women have to worry about their rapist trying to seek parental rights. A new law in Colorado protects women from this type of child custody issue.

The new law enables women who were raped and became pregnant to file a petition to terminate the parental rights of their attacker. This means that women who were raped will no longer have to face the man who violated her at child custody meetings or visitations.

Expanded benefits coming for same-sex couples who are married

Same-sex couples are starting to see some very important benefits since the Supreme Court struck down the Defense of Marriage Act in 2013. Many of these benefits are allowing same-sex partners to enjoy the same benefits as opposite-sex couples. Colorado same-sex couples might like to know about the most recent announcement regarding the rights of same-sex couples who are married.

President Obama's administration recently announced that workers who are in same-sex marriages will be allowed to take time off of work under the Family and Medical Leave Act if their partner needs them to provide medical care. This change, if it becomes law, would be applicable to all employees regardless of where the employee lives. Currently, the FMLA time off is applicable to same-sex married couples only in the states that currently recognize the unions.

Detailed child custody agreement part of finalized Lopez divorce

The main goal of any child custody agreement is to protect the children while allowing the parents to play an active role in the child's life. Celebrity couples who have children aren't any different than anyone else when it comes to this.

When Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez announced their breakup almost three years ago, some Colorado fans might have wondered how this split would affect the couple's twins. Court documents now show exactly how the divorce will affect the young boy and girl.

Gay Colorado politician seeks right to marry for same-sex couples

Mark Ferrandino is anxiously awaiting same-sex marriage laws to be enacted in Colorado. He is ready for his family, which includes his partner and their daughter, to become a legal family.

The couple, who has been together for 14 years, brought home their daughter in August of 2012. One short year later, her adoption became final. The missing piece of their puzzle is the marriage of Ferrandino and his partner.

Remaining strong and fighting for your rights in a divorce

For many people who go through a divorce in Boulder, the process can be lengthy and challenging. They may be fighting with their estranged spouse and feeling beaten down by the whole thing. It can be particularly difficult if you have children whose lives you need to keep as normal as possible amid what is likely a time of sadness and uncertainty for them.

Anyone who is thinking about a divorce should know that it is not always easy to get what you deserve, but that does not mean that you should stop fighting for your rights. There are a few things that anyone can do to remain strong during one of the most difficult times of your life.

New Colorado bill attempts to make alimony rulings uniform

During a divorce, money often becomes one of the central issues. If a judge is making a ruling, he or she has to look at this in three different parts. The first is in dividing up the property that the two owned while they were married. The second is in making a ruling on child support from one side or the other, based on the custody situation. The third is in spousal maintenance, which is also known as alimony.

Efforts have been underway for years in Colorado to make these rulings more predictable. The most recent effort to do this is House Bill 13-1058. It starts out by addressing the problem, which, as the bill states, is simply that people in similar situations and circumstances have often been given very different terms when it comes to alimony.

Same-sex marriage rights in Colorado, other states

For those in Colorado, understanding exactly what is legal and what is not when it comes to same-sex marriage is something that can get more complicated than it would be in other states. Research has been released to show on which side of this issue the states fall at this time, though shifting laws could cause changes to this in the coming months or years.

There are currently 19 different states in which gay marriage is legal. These states are California, Delaware, Connecticut, Hawaii, Iowa, Illinois, Maine, Massachusetts, Maryland, Minnesota, New Jersey, New Hampshire, New York, New Mexico, Oregon, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Washington state and Vermont. On top of that, same-sex marriage is also legal in Washington D.C.

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