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Financial planning for older divorcing couples is key

Divorce rates among couples in their 50s and older are increasing. People are living longer, and many people find that once their kids are grown and out of the house, they no longer have things in common. Sometimes they simply aren't happy anymore. Why spend what could possibly be another few decades of your life in an unhappy marriage?

One may assume that women fare worse financially than their husbands in these divorces. They were raised in generations where the men handled the finances in the family. Perhaps they spent little, if any, time in the workplace because they stayed home and raised the children.

Same-sex parents face challenges, but so do opposite-sex parents

People sometimes claim that same-sex couples can't raise children as well as heterosexual couples can. But just like opposite-sex parents can raise successful, happy and well-adjusted children, so can same-sex parents.

Same-sex parents have the same challenges with their children as any other parents do. How they respond to those challenges is what matters. Same-sex parents are perfectly capable of showing their children love, compassion and support.

Family law issues are often very personal matters

People who are dealing with family law issues usually have a personal stake in the matter. These matters, including adoption, divorce, child custody and similar matters, must be handled carefully. We know that most people who are facing any of these issues want to find out information about their options so that they can choose what to do about their problem.

When we work with you on a family law matter, we take the time to find out your concerns and thoughts about the situation. We work to make sure that your rights are respected in the case and that you have a good understanding of what is going on.

Do same-sex couples still need second-parent adoptions?

Second-parent adoptions for same-sex couples may seem like a throwback to the time before Obergefell. Do non-biological parents still need to formally adopt their own child if they are legally married?

After all, if a straight married couple conceives using donated sperm, the husband is typically considered the legal father - why shouldn't it work with same way with two legally married wives?

Child custody orders must be followed or legal action can follow

Child custody orders are some very important documents to have when you aren't in a relationship with your child's other parent. These orders provide the basis for everything that has to do with your child. It is imperative that you follow these orders completely or else you can face legal action.

It is imperative that you know when your ex is supposed to get the children and when you are supposed to have them. Always be sure that you are prompt when you are the one responsible for transportation and always make sure your children are ready when your ex is supposed to get them.

What factors can affect a child custody order?

When you are trying to find out what is going to happen with child custody, things can be rather difficult. It is imperative for you to think carefully about all of the factors that come into the picture so that you can determine how you are going to handle things. Before you make any decisions, think about these questions.

How are child custody decisions made?

Properly plan for your divorce

Ending your marriage is a big event that you should ensure you are prepared for, especially if you are the one who is initiating the divorce. In most cases, the desire to divorce doesn't come suddenly, so you should have time to take steps that would make your divorce a bit easier. We know that you might have some questions about how you should prepare for a divorce. We are here to help you build a plan and get it moving forward.

One thing that is important when you are divorcing is to know about the finances in the marriage. This includes knowing what assets are available and what debts are present. This information might take time to find, but knowing where you stand ahead of time can help you to ensure that you aren't getting the short end of the stick when you are going through the property division aspect of the divorce.

Collaborative divorce might be an option to end your marriage

Going through a divorce is a traumatic experience for many people. Thinking about the various court appearances and putting your future into the hands of someone who doesn't know you might be frightening. You do have other options that might help you to deal with the divorce without having to feel like you don't have any control over what is going on.

Collaborative divorce is a way of dealing with the normal disputes of divorce without asking the court to step in. The out-of-court process lets you and your attorney meet with your ex and his or her attorney. Everyone would then work together to determine the terms of the divorce.

False pregnancy tests could create legal issues for families

Most pregnancy tests leave little room for doubt that a woman is pregnant. A positive pregnancy test can offer the first confirmation that two lives are about to change forever. The likelihood that a test is a false positive is zero to three percent, but what happens if the test was taken by a person other than the woman claiming it?

A woman in Jacksonville, Fla., who is six months pregnant, was recently found to be selling positive pregnancy tests via Craigslist. Although a positive pregnancy test could be used as a harmless prank, it can also be used to trap men into making custodial or marital arrangements. Surprisingly, selling positive pregnancy tests is not illegal, but it could raise unique issues in family law arrangements.

Fighting to help same-sex couples with family law issues

We recently discussed some of the unique challenges that same-sex couples face. When the challenges that you face are of the legal variety, such as child custody, property division or adoption, we are here to help you learn about the options that you have to handle the situation.

We know that you only want to live your life. Unfortunately, things happen all the time that might throw a wrench in your plans. You might not have foreseen the divorce coming or you might not have expected to fall in love with your partner's child so much that you want to adopt the child. We can help you to learn the process for either of these situations.

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