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Colorado dentist's license suspended due to failure to pay

While many parents paying child support feel that the ordered support amount is unfair or that the custodial parent is not spending the support money on the children, it's never a good idea to stop paying child support. Doing this can lead to severe consequences, ranging from wage garnishment to revoking your driver's license, but as shown in the case below, sometimes it can also affect your livelihood itself.

According to reports, a Colorado dentist had his dental license suspended back in April after he failed to pay child support. This means that the dentist's practice has now been shut down until the license is reinstated. A spokesman from the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies stated that the dentist's license would be reinstated when he was in compliance with the child support order per the Child Support Enforcement Unit.

Kelly Rutherford's children back with father

It's common for people to want to return to their native country when they are dealing with a major life even such as divorce, or even just as they get older and want to put down roots. However, as seen in the ongoing legal issues actress Kelly Rutherford and ex-husband Daniel Giersch have been enduring over the last few years, this can create complications for child custody cases.

Over the years, there have been multiple allegations of parental alienation, and Rutherford has been very vocal about wanting the children to be returned to the United States. She claims that the court order that sent the children to Monaco after their divorce in 2008 was to be a temporary solution until Giersch got the issues with his visa resolved.

What if I want to homeschool?

Homeschooling can encompass a wide variety of education avenues, from the child attending an accredited online program to being taught a curriculum entirely of the parent's choosing and discretion. However, almost all states have some type of regulation or oversight of homeschooling. Some require students to take the same standardized tests as those in public school to ensure they are keeping up academically with their peers, while others review the proposed curriculum each year to ensure it covers what it should.

If you are considering homeschooling as an option for your children, it's important to talk with the other parent beforehand. This courtesy can go a long way toward encouraging open communication and allowing you to attempt to address the other parent's concerns before the homeschooling begins. The other parent may wish to look over the curriculum or see test scores to relieve fears about the child getting a lower quality education.

Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert divorce and divide assets

While the media is often more concerned with the relationship details and reasons behind a high-profile divorce, the property division process can be just as interesting and can serve as an example of how couples worth millions divide up their assets after deciding to divorce. For Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert, who announced that they had divorced in a joint statement on July 20, a prenuptial agreement appears to have simplified matters greatly.

According to reports, the couple each got one residence, with Shelton taking the ranch in Oklahoma and Lambert keeping the Nashville estate. The couple were also able to decide how to handle their numerous pets, which are considered property and subject to the regular property division guidelines in the state. Reports indicated that Lambert would be keeping the majority of the animals but would have to remove them from the ranch.

What are the child support enforcement procedures?

Child support payments are a serious responsibility and should be treated like any other bill. Colorado law stipulates that the payments must be made on time or Child Support Services can begin to take measures to enforce the child support payments. This can be anything from a judgement against you to garnishing your wages to prosecution.

There are usually some intermediary steps taken by Child Support Services to collect past due amounts before the more serious repercussions begin, which is why it is important to pay attention to all written notices or phone calls from Child Support Services. Ignoring the notices and communication attempts will only make things worse.

Same-sex partners: How can we adopt?

Adoption can be a complicated legal proceeding in any situation, but when the prospective parents are a same-sex couple, it can be even more difficult. In today's society, there are various methods of adoption, and some of these may be easier or better suited for nontraditional families.

Using a public or private agency may be one of the most common ways to adopt, and both have their pros and cons. Public agencies may have antidiscrimination laws in effect that mean that a same-sex couple cannot be discriminated against purely on the basis of their sexual orientation. Private agencies, however, are able to determine their own criteria, and depending on the agency, this could be better or worse for same-sex couples.

Primary residence of actress center of jurisdiction dispute

Moving residences can present issues for any custody order or visitation schedule, and this is one reason parents are required to provide advance notice to their exes of any planned moves. The exact timeframes vary by order, but many provide for at least a 30 days' notice. This is to allow the other party enough time to retain counsel and make any filings to petition the courts for a custody or visitation schedule change.

However, it's also important for parents involved in custody orders to consult an attorney before planning any moves to make sure they are aware of any possible repercussions. This is true for moves across town, out of state or out of the country. The ongoing custody dispute playing out between actress Kelly Rutherford and her ex-husband now living in Monaco highlights what can happen when one party moves.

Protect your domestic partnership by using legal methods

When you and your partner decide to commit to a relationship, you might opt to establish a domestic partnership instead of getting married. A domestic partnership can give you some of the same protections as a marriage. If you recall, we discussed some of those protections in our previous blog post.

We know that you want to ensure your domestic partnership is established in a legal manner. We can help you to ensure that you have everything you need to make your domestic partnership agreement legally valid.

Domestic partnerships allow couples to enjoy certain benefits

For some couples, domestic partnerships are the preferred alternative to a marriage. This type of union was created in the 1980s in response to same-sex couples who wanted to enjoy a variety of rights. Generally, domestic partnerships allow couples to have the same benefits as married couples if the domestic partnership is registered.

The benefits that people in a domestic partnership enjoy vary greatly. Some of the possible benefits include death benefits, health insurance, parental rights, family leave, life insurance and tax benefits. In order to get the allowed benefits, the couple must ensure that their partnership is recognized as valid and legal. This means registering it according to the local and state laws. It also means meeting specific requirements set forth by applicable laws.

Seeking grandparents' rights is difficult, not impossible

Grandparents' rights are a topic that many people have heard of. In the recent years, more and more grandparents are turning to the courts so they can have a meaningful relationship with their grandparents. Grandparents in Colorado should know that this is a grandparents' rights state, but as we discussed last week, that doesn't mean that getting those rights recognized will be easy.

There are several reasons why a grandparent might want to head to court to try to get visitation with a grandchild. We understand that no matter what the cause, the grandparents might choose to take a stand and fight to see their grandchild.

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