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Try to think clearly as you are going through a divorce

We recently discussed how temporary orders have an important role in family law cases. If you recall, these orders can offer you protection as you work through the divorce. They can also give you possession of specific assets while the divorce is ongoing.

This is only one of the many considerations that you have to think about during a divorce. The fact of the matter is that ending your marriage is something that is very complex undertaking.

Temporary orders are important in family law cases

When you are going through a family law case, there is sometimes the need to have an order issued while the case is moving through the court system. This is where your temporary orders come into the picture. If you think that temporary orders are necessary in your case, you can petition the court to make these happen.

These temporary orders enable you to take your time with the case without having to leave everything up in the air. Alimony, child custody and asset possession orders can all occur temporarily thanks to these orders.

Make plans if you are moving in with your significant other

We recently discussed some of the things that you need to do if you are planning on moving in with your significant other without getting married. Even if you think that the relationship is going to last forever, you should make sure that you take steps to protect yourself just in case things turn sour down the road.

One thing that you need to do is make sure that your assets are going to return to you if things don't work out. You can come up with a contract that discusses this so that you have that peace of mind.

Plan carefully to live together as an unmarried couple

There are several things that couples who are living together can do if they want to protect their financial future. Making sure that your finances are protected can help you to feel more secure in the relationship since you know that if something happens, you are covered.

One of the important things for you to remember is that you don't have the same protections as married couples when it comes to your assets. Things you purchased together might not go to you if something happens to your significant other. For this reason, you should make sure that everything you purchase is set up in a way that will provide the person who is left behind a way to ensure the property goes to them.

March and August see spikes in divorces, notes study

Many people know that divorces increase after the winter holiday season. A recent report by the University of Washington throws a small wrench in this belief. The study found that the spikes in divorces occur in March and August. This is something that is actually pretty interesting if you stop and think about what this means.

Let's look at March first. The filings in this month would get couples past the holiday season and Valentine's Day. It isn't so close to the end of the school year that it would affect children who are going to have to take final exams. This also gives the parties time to prepare financial documents and handle tax returns before they file for divorce. It also coincides with the start of spring, which is associated with fresh starts.

Child custody is an important factor when parents divorce

One of the most important aspects of a divorce when parents with young children split up is the child custody agreement. This agreement sets the stage for everything that is going to happen regarding the children. Parents should ensure that the agreement they come to is in the best interests of the children.

Working with your ex through mediation is one way that you can be sure your children's best interests are the focal point of the child custody agreement. Don't balk at having to work with your ex in this manner. You and your ex will have to spend many years working to raise your children together, even though you don't live together any longer.

Know how to handle your finances during a divorce

Getting ready for a divorce means that you have to plan for financial matters. There are several aspects of your finances that you need to think about.

One thing that you have to remember is to turn to professionals instead of to friends and family members. While they might mean well, divorce is a sensitive time for your finances, so there is little margin for error.

Divorce records might be able to be sealed

Divorce records are public records. In most cases, the testimony that occurs during a divorce trial is also public record. This is one reason why some people opt to work things out in private. When you and your ex can come to a divorce settlement in private, such as in informal talks or mediation, you can avoid having to air out all the dirty laundry in a public manner.

There are some instances in which it just isn't possible to work things out with your ex. You might have to go through a trial. If you are dreading this because you don't want certain things to be entered into public record, it might be possible to have the trial record sealed.

Domestic violence can impact your children greatly

Domestic violence is a situation that no child should ever have to witness or endure themselves. Sadly, children do experience these events and often have to face issues because of them. When a child is involved in a situation with domestic violence, the courts will often jump into the picture to ensure that the child remains safe.

One way that domestic violence can impact a child's life is that they might have to learn how to live with only one parent in the home. This is because the court might issue a restraining order against the parent who is accused of abusing the other parent. This can sometimes mean that the parent who is accused of domestic violence will receive only supervised visitation with the child.

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