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Colorado divorce rate continues to drop

The divorce rate across the United States has been dropping in recent years, and Colorado appears to be following suit, with the state divorce rate at a 10-year low. One possible reason for this could be the rebounding economy and the fact that many couples are now waiting until later in life to get married.

The average age of marriage in the United States is currently 27 for women and 29 for men. By their late 20s, people may be more established financially — reducing money stress — and may have a better idea of what they want and need in a life partner.

What are open and closed adoptions in Colorado?

When some people hear about adoptions, they think of the closed adoption. That, however, isn't the only type of adoption that is available in the United States. Some adoptions are open adoptions. There are very specific differences between these types of adoptions that might interest our Colorado readers.

What is an open adoption?

Child custody issues that might occur after remarriage

After some parents get divorced, they meet a new person who they want to share a life with. While it is easy enough for the parent to adjust to, the children might have issues with a stepparent coming into the picture. There are some ways that parents can help their children to cope with a stepparent coming into the picture. Our Colorado readers might be interested in learning about what children might experience when a parent remarries.

One issue that some children might feel but not speak too much about is how they think their relationship with a stepparent will affect their relationship with their parent. For example, a parent might feel that liking a stepmother is a way of showing disrespect to their mother. This can put the child in a difficult spot, but it can be equally as hard for parents. Making sure that your child knows the stepparent is an addition to the family and not a replacement parent is one way that you can make it easier for the child.

How can I help my child cope with child custody after divorce?

When you and your spouse decide that your marriage is over, the choice to divorce might come easily. If you have children, explaining the divorce and helping your child to cope with the effects of it might not be easy at all. There are several factors that our Colorado readers might like to consider when it comes to helping children cope with divorce.

Do all children need the same help?

Comparing divorce rates for different professions

When people think about a doctor's home life, they probably think that it is seriously lacking in some areas. Doctors are people who are thought to work really long hours. Early morning rounds, late days at an office or seemingly endless hours in the hospital are often part of the life of a doctor. With all of those things in mind, it is easy to see why someone might think that the divorce rate among doctors is high. That, however, isn't the case. Our Colorado readers might find a study that was done very interesting.

The study looked at a group of around 250,000 people in the medical field, around 6.3 million non-health care professionals and 59,000 lawyers. Interestingly enough, pharmacists had the lowest divorce rate in the group with only 23 percent being divorced. Physicians were next with 24 percent, followed by dentists with 25 percent, lawyers with 27 percent, 31 percent for health care executives, 33 percent for nurses and 35 percent for non-health care workers.

Minimizing the cost of divorce

When people decide to get divorce, the cost of having to legally end the marriage is something that they might not think about right away. Some people are incredibly surprised to learn that ending a marriage can end up being a very expensive endeavor. Luckily, there are some ways that our Colorado readers can save money when they are going through a divorce.

One of the best ways that you can save money when you are divorcing is to be reasonable as you negotiate your settlement. By working with your ex to determine how to divide everything, you have a better chance of keeping more of your money instead of spending those funds fighting against your ex.

Helping your child adjust to child custody and visitation changes

Children who are going through a divorce often have a lot of uncertainties. They probably feel bad about having to go back and forth between their parents. Some children might have a very difficult time with the transition. Parents who are going through a divorce have to take steps to help their children adjust to the new situation. Our Colorado readers might find some of these tips helpful.

How can I help my child adjust to going to their other parent's house?

Dissolution agreements for same-sex couples

In our last blog post, we discussed some of the points that affect same-sex couples and child custody. Sadly, even same-sex couples will split up. When there is a child in the mix, coming up with a dissolution of the marriage, paperwork and dissolution agreements can help you and your ex to set boundaries for child custody and other matters. We can help our Colorado neighbors draft these agreements in a way that helps to keep you protected.

There are several aspects of a dissolution agreement that you have to consider. Child custody is one of those aspects. You have to determine where the child will live, who will make decisions for the child and how parenting time will be handled. Going through all those points can be rather trying, especially if you and your ex aren't able to work together yet. We can help you to work on those aspects of your dissolution.

Same-sex couples and child custoday in Colorado

While the news surrounding same-sex marriage isn't as prevalent as it was just a few months ago, that doesn't stop the fact that there are serious issues still plaguing same-sex couples in Colorado. One of these issues surrounds the instance of children who are being raised by same-sex couples. Some people might think that this isn't a good thing, but many same-sex couples would disagree.

It is interesting to note that the traditional family dynamic is changing. In 2000, the U.S. Census noted that less than 24 percent of homes in the country had a wife, a husband and minor children. That fact alone has many people worried.

Child custody evaluations can include investigators in Colorado

When you are going through a troublesome divorce and have children with your ex, the child custody aspect of the divorce can often become an area of contention. Courts in Colorado can appoint a Child and Family Investigator to take a look at the case and give the court a recommendation about what he or she feels is best for the child. This recommendation can include suggestions about decision-making and parenting time.

The Child and Family Investigator is an independent party in the proceedings. This person doesn't work for either parent. Instead, the investigator is an outside party who is only thinking of the children. The investigator is usually a mental health professional or an attorney.

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