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Think about the issues you face during a divorce

The end of your marriage is something that will bring up a lot of feelings. You might be mad that your ex did something to end the marriage. You might feel depressed about having to start your life over. You might feel relief that you know the truth. You might be upset that you've wasted all the years with your ex. These are all understandable.

Follow these 3 financial tips if you are getting divorced

Divorce requires you to reexamine every aspect of your life. Your goals have to change once your spouse is out of the picture and you have to worry about things like alimony and child support. While you work to untangle your marital finances, you have to figure out how to pay for your divorce and your new life.

Temporary orders are important in family law cases

When you are going through a family law case, there is sometimes the need to have an order issued while the case is moving through the court system. This is where your temporary orders come into the picture. If you think that temporary orders are necessary in your case, you can petition the court to make these happen.

March and August see spikes in divorces, notes study

Many people know that divorces increase after the winter holiday season. A recent report by the University of Washington throws a small wrench in this belief. The study found that the spikes in divorces occur in March and August. This is something that is actually pretty interesting if you stop and think about what this means.

Divorce records might be able to be sealed

Divorce records are public records. In most cases, the testimony that occurs during a divorce trial is also public record. This is one reason why some people opt to work things out in private. When you and your ex can come to a divorce settlement in private, such as in informal talks or mediation, you can avoid having to air out all the dirty laundry in a public manner.

Put the children first: How to tell them about divorce

Some children can sense when their parents are fighting and changes are coming, but others are oblivious and may be caught off-guard at the news of divorce. If you are divorcing and you have children, how you tell them can make a huge difference in how they process the news.

Preparation is the key for ending a marriage

We recently discussed what will happen to children if a parent goes to jail. While this is a unique child custody issue, it does show that there are some instances in which parents might have to rush to come up with a plan for custody. For parents who are divorced, this is a very trying issue.

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