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Domestic violence can impact your children greatly

Domestic violence is a situation that no child should ever have to witness or endure themselves. Sadly, children do experience these events and often have to face issues because of them. When a child is involved in a situation with domestic violence, the courts will often jump into the picture to ensure that the child remains safe.

Curious about egg freezing?

In our high-pressure society, there's so much emphasis on obtaining a college degree and immediately entering the workforce with a focus on finding monetary success that for many people, the option of having a child naturally can take a backseat to other endeavors.

Domestic violence incidents must be handled appropriately

Domestic violence isn't something that you can ignore. Instead, you have to take the steps that are necessary for you and your children to remain safe. When physical violence is a factor in your relationship, you should understand that the situation is likely going to get worse. The chance of it improving is slim to none. We know this is a troubling situation for you to face; however, we can help you to learn about the options you have to help deal with the matter.

Family law issues are often very personal matters

People who are dealing with family law issues usually have a personal stake in the matter. These matters, including adoption, divorce, child custody and similar matters, must be handled carefully. We know that most people who are facing any of these issues want to find out information about their options so that they can choose what to do about their problem.

False pregnancy tests could create legal issues for families

Most pregnancy tests leave little room for doubt that a woman is pregnant. A positive pregnancy test can offer the first confirmation that two lives are about to change forever. The likelihood that a test is a false positive is zero to three percent, but what happens if the test was taken by a person other than the woman claiming it?

Many issues occur in family law cases

The issues that occur in family law cases are as varied as the types of families that exist in this country. Some of the issues that are covered in family law are pleasant ones, such as getting an adoption finalized. Others are a bit more complicated, such as child custody. We know that you are concerned with the family law matter you are going through. We can help you learn about Colorado laws that pertain to your case so you can move forward with appropriate information.

Same-sex couples can face challenges after adoptions

Same-sex couples face many of the same issues as other couples. When a same-sex couple adopts a child, they will often have to deal with many of the challenges of other adoptive families. What might change is the information that is exchanged and the questions that can come up.

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