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Mediation can resolve divorce matters without a trial

Divorce mediation can help to get the legal end of your marriage handled much faster than if you rely on a trial. This doesn't mean that mediation is easy. In fact, having to work with your ex might be one of the last things that you want to do now that you've decided to divorce. Being prepared before the mediation session might help you to feel more in control and less stressed.

Before you go to the mediation session, get ready for the process. You need to have an idea of what assets need to be divided and any other issues that you will have to decide in the process. Child custody matters can be resolved through mediation, so think about the points you need to decide on if you have children.

Look beyond the emotional side of a divorce

The end of a marriage is an emotional time. You might find that you have a slew of emotions as you end that chapter of your life and embark on the new chapter that awaits. While it is understandable that you will go through this, you shouldn't let your heart rule the decisions that you make.

Many of the things that you have to decide, such as on property division and child custody, can have a huge impact on your life for years to come. We can't take the emotional connection out of the situation, but we can help you think about the logical side of matters.

Challenges of divorcing with adopted children

When you get married, you pledge to remain married until death do you part. Sometimes, the marriage doesn't last that long and you end up getting a divorce. When you adopt a child, you make a pledge to raise the child as your own for life. This is one pledge that isn't as easy to break as the marital pledge.

You probably didn't adopt your child with the intention of getting a divorce. Unfortunately, having an adopted child doesn't mean that your marriage is immune to divorce. It simply means that you will have to go through the child custody process if you do divorce after you adopt a child.

3 big mistakes to avoid in your high-asset divorce

You and your spouse may have begun your marriage with very little, but over time your financial picture improved substantially. Now you are looking at a high-asset divorce and feeling overwhelmed.

You may not have a prenuptial agreement to serve as a roadmap for asset distribution. To help you navigate what could be a complicated, high-net-worth divorce proceeding, here are three mistakes to avoid.

Try to work through child custody matters quickly

Your children have some big adjustments to make if you are going through a divorce. The good news here is that children are usually pretty resilient and probably won't have too much trouble making the adjustments. If they do have some issues, you will probably be right there to help them find ways to work through their feelings.

There is one thing that you will have to deal with when you are divorcing your child's other parent -- the child custody agreement. This can be difficult to work through while you are still trying to handle the divorce, but you need to do all you can to get the points worked out quickly so that your child can adjust to the new way of doing things.

Know how to address the financial issues of divorce

The property division process is one that is can be difficult when you are going through a divorce. There are several things that you can think about when you are trying to work through some of the financial issues that come up with a divorce.

One thing to remember is that the property division process has to deal with the assets of the marriage, but it also has to do with the debts of the marriage. This can be difficult to work through because you can still be held liable for joint debts, even if your ex is the person who is told to pay the debt during the divorce. This is because creditors aren't held to the terms of the divorce since the divorce is a civil matter between you and your ex.

From adoption to divorce, family law is complex

Family law cases vary greatly in circumstances. Whether you are adding a family member through adoption or losing one due to divorce, we are here to help you work through the matters that are going to come up.

One thing that is universal in all family law matters is that your emotions are involved in the case. This is understandable but you must be willing to think with your head and not rely strictly on your emotions if you are going to make decisions about life-changing matters.

Financial planning after divorce is necesssary

The way that your life changes when you go through a divorce might happen in ways that you don't really think about at first. One area that you will need to give special attention to is your finances. This is important because going into your single life without a plan for your money can easily lead to a disaster.

As soon as you find out about the divorce, you need to sit down and think about your money. You might be shocked at how much you have come to rely on the income of your soon-to-be ex. Making a plan for your money now can help you establish a savings plan and a retirement plan. Both of these can help to give you the financial stability that you need.

Are you a candidate for an amicable divorce?

As you may already know, getting a divorce is not an easy process. In addition to the difficult emotions involved, you may have a constant headache from trying to figure out such common issues as property division and child custody. There has to be an easier way to end your marriage without worrying about taking your fight to the judge, right? Fortunately for you and other Coloradans, you might not need to resort to litigation if you and your spouse have the right mindset.

Getting a divorce without going to court is known as an amicable divorce. You and your soon-to-be-ex may have less than amicable feelings toward each other, of course – the term simply means that you are able to set aside your differences for however long is necessary until you resolve your divorce issues.

What do you need to do to escape an abusive marriage?

You did not get married knowing that your spouse would end up being abusive. Now that you are ready to get out, you might be feeling confused and scared. It can be difficult and even dangerous to leave a relationship in which domestic violence is a factor. Fortunately for you and other Colorado residents who are going through the same thing, you have resources and allies on your side to help.

The National Domestic Violence Hotline states that leaving an abusive spouse is often one of the most dangerous times for victims. This is why, if you fear for your safety, you should not attempt it lightly. Getting away from domestic violence takes preparation and timing. Here are a few steps to consider that might help make your liberation safer:

  • Before you leave, tell a trusted family member or friend that you are being abused, and ask if they can help. They might offer you a place to stay or hold some of your personal possessions until you are in a better situation.
  • If possible, save some money and gather important documents that you will need during the divorce process, such as birth certificates and Social Security cards for you and your children. Put these items in a safe place that your abuser does not know about, preferably out of the home.
  • Try to document evidence of abuse, such as pictures of injuries that your abuser has inflicted, medical reports or journal entries detailing the abusive behavior.
  • When you are ready to leave, seek a protection order from law enforcement. This court document forbids your abuser from contacting or going near you while the order is in effect.
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