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Transitioning to life as a single parent after a divorce

A parent who gets a divorce usually moves from a relationship where he or she has another adult in the home to help with the children into a situation where he or she is the only parent caring for the children. This can be a tough transition for the parent and the children.

When you are moving into the single parent lifestyle, you will likely come to realize that you need to count on other people to give you a hand with the children. This could be something as simple as having someone watch the children while you have some time to yourself. It could be having a family member helping with the transportation needs of the child.

Child custody matters require special preparation

The process of coming to an agreement about child custody matters is difficult for many parents. Still, it is a necessary process if you are going through a divorce or need this agreement for any other reason. We can help you work through the process, but you will need to make sure that you are prepared for what is to come.

One important step you need to take is to decide your ideal resolution for the matters that you are facing. This can help you to try and keep your goals in focus as you are going through the mediation process for the custody issues. We can help you to learn about what the process of child custody mediation entails.

Your family law case is as unique as your family

Family law cases are as unique as the families we serve. We realize that most people who have a family law issue aren't worried with what happened to other people. Instead, they are usually hyper-focused on their own issues.

When we work with you on a family law matter, we help you understand the options that you have to handle the case. This is determined by the type of case that you are facing. We have to look at each point of your situation to help you find the solutions that you might need.

Set the right financial tone for your relationship

You and your partner have to be on the same page about finances. If there are rifts between the two of you because of the money, there is a chance that your relationship is going to end. This likely isn't something that you want. Here are some tips to help you deal with financial matters.

Have a discussion with your partner about everything related to finances. Some people opt to do this on "Financial Friday." This is usually one Friday per month when you can sit down and have an open talk about the budget for the upcoming month. You can go over credit card bills and other expenses.

Entering the social scene after divorce doesn't have to be hard

Learning how to live life as a single person can be difficult, especially when you have ended a long-term marriage. It is imperative that you take the time to learn about ways that you can get back into the swing of the social scene so that you aren't living a lonely life.

You have to remember that you don't have to live the same life and keep the schedule that you did when you were married. It is fine to get a new schedule going and to experience new things. Think about things that you enjoy and find ways that you can build those into your social life.

Learn about ways to protect yourself in a same-sex relationship

We recently discussed some of the ways that same-sex parents can address some of the more common challenges they might face. These are all important because it can help them and their children to live a life that is as normal as possible. We understand that there are some other situations that might come up during the course of their parenting relationship.

There are many things that same-sex parents should consider if they have children together. First, there is the issue that only one parent might be the birth parent. If you and your significant other are raising a child together, the nonbiological parent might decide to adopt the child so that they can call parenting rights into the case if the relationship sours.

3 reasons to stay off social media while divorcing

Although Colorado's divorce rate continues to decline, it is still a prevalent issue in the state. A report from Colorado Public Radio found the divorce rate in 2013 was significantly lower than the rate in 2004 and all years in the previous decade. 

There are numerous financial aspects to take care of during a divorce. However, there is one aspect most people going through this period of time overlook: social media. Most do not see a problem with using social media to keep friends and acquaintances in the loop, but it can have a detrimental effect. 

Same-sex parents should plan ahead for some challenges

Same-sex couples have a lot of challenges to face. Although the world is more accepting of all sorts of relationships these days, things aren't always easy for anyone who doesn't have what the world considers a traditional relationship.

For same-sex couples who are parents, there are some special considerations that you have to think about as you raise your children. One of the primary things to know is that you must be yourself. This doesn't mean that you should push anyone into accepting your lifestyle; however, you shouldn't put on a show about who you are either.

Your child's interests must come first in child custody cases

Your children might not have very good reactions to the fact that you are going to get a divorce. When this happens, you might find that having to deal with the child's attitude makes the situation much worse. Because this is a hard time for you and your child, you might need to think carefully about how you handle the situation.

We understand that you can only do your best. Nobody expects you to be perfect as you adjust to the new life. It is imperative that you take the time to understand what your child truly needs from you during this time.

Help your children feel comfortable in your home after a split

After a divorce, your children will usually split their time between your and your ex's home. This can be a difficult transition for a child who has only lived in one home with both parents. It is possible to help your children thrive in both homes if you take the time to plan for their time with you.

One of the most important things that you can do is to make the rules clear from the start. It is much more difficult for children to adapt if they are given cart blanche at first and then are expected to follow rules that get enforced after they spend some time at the home.

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