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February 2013 Archives

Common mistakes still dog many a divorce pt. I

Conventional wisdom, clichés, and wide-reaching platitudes can sometimes seem to inundate a married couple's life. From quips like "never go to bed angry," to ideas of a "seven year itch," it can be hard to escape these predictable little ideas that are often problematic in real life.

Game on: date set for Kardashian and Humphries's divorce

In most cases, it is not only less stressful but less costly to reach a finalized divorce agreement as quickly as possible. Whatever the reasons may be: children, especially high tensions between spouses, or important matters of personal careers at stake, the faster a legal separation is established, the sooner both parties can begin to carry on with their own lives.

Heavy drinking can be a fast-track to divorce

When a couple typically recites their wedding vows, a promise often made to one another between husband and wife-to be is to remain at each others' side until "death do us part." That promise, however, can become strained to its breaking point by a number of factors that are entirely invisible on one's wedding day.

Pot-using parents may pay high price of divorce

With the recent legalization of small amounts of recreational marijuana in Colorado, there's hardly a legal situation or relationship that won't in some way be reformed by the increasing presence of the drug in everyday life. Divorce, and other matters of family law, are destined to be directly impacted by marijuana's partial legalization; those who are considering getting a divorce or are currently unsure of their marriage will want to take heed of pot's new role in court proceedings.

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