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Game on: date set for Kardashian and Humphries’s divorce

On Behalf of | Feb 20, 2013 | Divorce

In most cases, it is not only less stressful but less costly to reach a finalized divorce agreement as quickly as possible. Whatever the reasons may be: children, especially high tensions between spouses, or important matters of personal careers at stake, the faster a legal separation is established, the sooner both parties can begin to carry on with their own lives.

One high-profile celebrity split that seems to have so far belied these ideas of expediency has been that of starlet Kim Kardiashian and her estranged husband, NBA player Kris Humphries. While the two have been living separate lives for years now and only remained together as a wedded couple for 72 days, the two have failed to come to legal terms that would declare them formally divorced. As Americans both across the country and right here in Colorado have tracked their predicament with both fixation and disgust, it now appears that a full and final split is soon-approaching.

A Superior Court Judge presiding over the couple’s case has determined that May 6th will mark the beginning of their legal divorce trial. The decision appears to be a clear victory for Kardashian, She, now paired with hip hop superstar Kanye West and expecting their first child, had hoped to finalize a separation from Humphries before her expected July due date.

Humphries attorney reportedly objected over the setting of a specific date; the Brooklyn Nets star and his legal team had been hoping to gather enough evidence to prove the marriage a fraud, thus opening up the possibility of an annulment rather than divorce. The Superior Court Judge declared that enough time had passed without the forwarding of this evidence, and that Humphries’s commitment to NBA games through June held no sway over when the trial should begin.

The stakes, both personal and financial, appear to be very high for all parties involved in this divorce case. As property and assets are divided, and potential alimony payments are established, the terms of the final divorce could shape the lives of both Humphries and Kardashian for decades to come. With so much on the line, those entering the divorce process should contact a skilled family law attorney as quickly as possible.

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