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Alimony could reshape celebrity divorce settlement

On Behalf of | Mar 18, 2013 | Divorce

No matter how much savings, property holdings, or other financial assets are involved between a separating couple, one important question that should always be addressed is the possibility (or, in some cases, necessity) of alimony and other forms of spousal support.

Alimony has traditionally been included in a divorce settlement when it’s clear that one spouse may be at a significant financial disadvantage following the separation. Both here in Colorado and across the nation, such a stipulation has become increasingly rare as income disparity between men and women continues to decrease.

However, alimony may, in some cases, be sought for reasons other than financial security. One celebrity divorce case that has been well-storied in both tabloids and online gossip sites may showcase this very situation. Demi Moore has, according to recent reports, requested spousal support from her estranged husband Ashton Kutcher as a part of the couple’s current divorce settlement.

Those close with Moore have intimated that the actress may be seeking support as a measured financial revenge for Kutcher’s infidelities during their marriage. The likelihood of a judge’s approving the measure has been cast into doubt, however, given that Moore’s current fortune far eclipses her husband’s.

Kutcher was caught cheating on Moore with a 23-year-old co-star last year and has since moved on to a very public romance with actress Mila Kunis. These actions may have a very real bearing on the outcome of his divorce litigations with Moore, who has already had past success in securing favorable divorce terms.

In spite of conventional wisdom and past precedent, each divorce case is different with its own unique terms and objectives. Those who believe they deserve spousal support for any reason should, at the very least, discuss the prospect with an experienced family law attorney.

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