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Couples thinking about a divorce should put children first

On Behalf of | Apr 20, 2013 | Divorce

It is not uncommon for Colorado residents in unhappy marriages to stay together out of concern for their children. However, it could be that staying together instead of getting a divorce ends up being worse for children involved. While couples may want positive role models for their children, a couple that is always arguing may end up providing their children with poor role models.

This is not to say that a couple should not attempt to work past their differences if they have children. That said, if a man and woman cannot get past their problems, they could end up creating an uncomfortable environment for their children, especially if they are fighting all the time. Children in this situation may end up believing that all marriages are filled with arguments and misery.

Instead, couples may want to think about a divorce that puts their children first. This is a divorce that focuses on keeping children out of disagreements and not trying to pit them against each parent. In this type of divorce, parents work together in order to raise children in different households. While a divorce may not be preferable to a happy mom and dad living together, it may be much better than a mom and dad that are always squabbling.

Those considering a divorce may benefit from speaking with an attorney. A lawyer could help someone understand the legal process in their state and what options there are regarding child support, visitation rights and other issues related to children following a divorce.

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