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Divorcing your husband when you earn more than him

On Behalf of | Apr 26, 2013 | Divorce

Traditionally, the husband has the greater income in a marriage. Usually, it is the wife who negotiates for alimony in divorce proceedings, and there are many more ex-husbands paying spousal support than ex-wives.

However, according to USA Today, the gap in income between husbands and wives is straying from the traditional trend. A study revealed that in dual-income family households from 2006 to 2011, it is becoming less rare for the wife’s income to exceed that of her husband. It is not prevalent for the wife’s income to be greater, by no means, but it is not unheard of anymore. For those women who do earn more than their husbands, there are a few key factors they must keep in mind if they are thinking about a divorce.

It is wise to have clear legal agreements like prenuptial agreements denoting who owns what. This prevents problems later on in the event of a divorce. While some people consider prenuptial agreements an insult, others view them as responsible moves that protect the spouse with greater assets from unfair allocation of those assets if a divorce occurs. It is also wise for spouses to keep some of their money separate, keep inheritance assets separate and take measures to protect their businesses if they own their own businesses.

Spouses attempting to get a divorce should consider seeking the counsel of divorce attorneys. Divorce attorneys might be able to help ensure that their clients receive the divorce settlements that are in their best interests. For example, divorce attorneys may be able to negotiate the division of assets and liabilities to ensure that property is divided fairly among spouses. The best interest of the children must also be considered in divorce cases where there are minor children involved.

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