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May 2013 Archives

Texas morality law comes under fire

Supporters of gay rights in Colorado and across the nation are watching with interest at a recent ruling in Texas. A judge refused to let a same-sex couple live in the same home because of a clause in her divorce contract. The so-called morality clause, standard in divorces in some counties in the state, keeps unmarried parents from having a romantic partner sleep in the residence if the offspring are also staying there. While men and women could marry in order to get around the technicality, homosexual couples don't have that right in Texas.

The de-gendering of divorce: wives pay ex-husbands alimony too

Due to the changing dynamics of working women, changes are also occurring in the courtroom. One significant change in family law deals with alimony and the de-gendering of divorce. More Colorado women may face court orders that require them to pay alimony to their husbands than in previous decades.

Life insurance can cause conflict in divorce

Colorado couples who are contemplating divorce often have many questions about property division and asset distribution. However, few of those thinking about a divorce consider one important part of the marital assets: life insurance policies. Dividing insurance policies can be difficult and time-consuming and may end up hurting both parties financially if the division is not done carefully.

Spouses not always liable for ex's credit card bills in CO

Coloradans will be happy to hear that their state is not one in which creditors can pursue someone for their ex-spouse's debts. The division of assets during a divorce differs according to state law, and in Colorado, this means that no one has to pay their ex's credit card bills.

Wealthy or not, couples should have prenuptials

In the past, the prenuptial agreement has been connected to society's wealthiest and famous as a tool to protect themselves during a high asset divorce. However, this document is not made for them alone. Whether you make a seven-figure salary or farm a small plot of land, a prenuptial agreement should be included as part of a marriage plan and premarriage counseling. Besides dividing property, a prenuptial agreement offers many other advantages to make a divorce easier for both parties. One of the protections is for future earnings. While one partner may have few assets at the beginning of a marriage, a huge salary increase or revenue from a newly opened business can alter this situation in a matter of years. A detailed agreement can protect these earnings during a divorce proceeding.

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