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The best options in divorce may not always be fair

On Behalf of | Jun 27, 2013 | Divorce

Many Colorado couples who are facing a bitter divorce may feel that they are being treated unfairly during the settlement negotiations. According to one author, however, disdain for the soon to be ex-spouse may cloud the best options available to people who are negotiating the divorce settlement.

The author gives the example of her divorce. At the time, her husband had been unemployed and she had full custody of their child. However, her ex-spouse wanted to move out of state to continue education and seek a degree. He wanted her to pay him maintenance for two years while he did so.

While she could afford the maintenance, she believed that this was not fair as her husband was employable. She believed that she would have won the argument, but reconsidered on a friend’s advice. The battle would have not only cost emotional and further financial distress but would have also further severed her relationship with her soon-to-be ex-husband. She ultimately negotiated on the maintenance.

According to the author, the decision allowed her to move on past the divorce and ultimately led to an amicable relationship with her ex-spouse. Once he was employed, the ex-couple was able to put in place the child support that he was financially obligated to pay with no further argument or legal battle.

While divorce can cause major emotional and financial distress on an individual, and experienced Colorado attorney may be able to help their clients with negotiating a divorce settlement that benefits everyone. The lawyer may also be able to advise and give advice on the options available to make the divorce as easy as possible. The attorney may also be able to represent their clients in court and fight for fair compensation in the event that the divorce battle becomes complicated or intense.

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