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July 2013 Archives

Ending a marriage for gay and lesbian couples

After the U.S. Supreme Court ruled against the Defense of Marriage Act, parties interested in same-sex marriage in Colorado and across the nation are still looking at the impact that the decision will have on divorce. The DOMA ruling should make divorce easier for same-sex couples who want to split up. Experts speculate that even states that don't recognize same-sex unions will begin changing their attitudes about same-sex marriage.

Revamping marriage after DOMA

Now that the Defense of Marriage Act has been overturned in a victory for gay and lesbian couples in Colorado and across the nation, the courts have opened the door for the equality of same-sex unions. However, the victory doesn't mean that same-sex couples will instantly gain the same rights as their heterosexual partners. Just as the win in Brown v. the Board of Education didn't mean an automatic elimination of race issues, gay and lesbian couples will have to continue to fight for equality in the nation.

Is permanent alimony over?

Four states have made attempts to change alimony laws within recent years. Primarily, the advocates for changing the family laws related to alimony are concerned with the existence of permanent alimony, which can seem like a life sentence to some Colorado spouses. Permanent alimony can mean that one person is left financially responsible for another for the rest of that person's life.

Which spouse gets the air miles?

Colorado spouses who are thinking about getting a divorce might wonder which spouse gets the air miles during the process. To some couples, air miles might be just as important an issue as real estate, cash, stock options and other marital assets. This is especially true in divorces where one or both spouses travel extensively for work, in which case air miles can prove to be quite valuable.

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