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August 2013 Archives

Pentagon offers benefits to same-sex spouses

Fort Carson in Colorado stated that the base would offer the same benefits to same-sex spouses as it does to heterosexual ones, but that in order for same-sex spouses to gain access to those benefits, they must procure marriage certificates. Colorado is one of the states that only recognizes civil unions among same-sex couples, so in order for service members to get marriage certificates, they must travel to other states.

Same-sex divorces are proving costly

As of the beginning of August, thirteen US states and the District of Columbia have legalized same-sex marriage. Colorado is not one of those states, but same-sex couples who are legally wed in another state may move to Colorado and then seek a divorce. The fact that some states won't allow for same-sex divorce is just one of the many costly complications that has arisen since the first state-approved same-sex marriage in 2004.

Adjusting to the loss of alimony

Even after the end of a marriage, couples in Colorado could still need to talk and resolve issues related to finances. One example is in the case of permanent spousal support, when one partner pays maintenance to the other person, especially someone who stayed home during the marriage. Some states are reviewing lifetime alimony and are talking about ending it. A partner who will need to depend on alimony after a divorce should plan accordingly.

Court grants Colorado's first gay divorce.

Colorado now offers a service to married same-sex couples that many other states do not: gay divorce. Gay rights advocates say that the state's first finalized divorce means gay couples can now legally terminate their marriage or civil union relationships in Colorado. Colorado is one of a number of states that treat gay and straight couples the same in almost every respect through civil unions or domestic partnerships.

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