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September 2013 Archives

Hiring a divorce lawyer makes sense

Any Colorado resident who is considering divorce should know that handling it themselves without a lawyer might not protect their interests in the best possible way. People are sometimes tempted to forgo a lawyer when money is tight. However, a recent article on the subject cited at least five reasons that it is better to hire a lawyer to handle a divorce.

Judge orders David Tutero's twins to be separated

In news that may surprise most Colorado residents, a judge presiding over the dissolution of the domestic partnership of reality TV star David Tutera and his partner has ruled that each parent will have custody of one of the couple's twins. Tutera initially filed for custody of both children; however, he later announced that the pair had decided that each partner would have child custody of their biological children.

Divorce can be difficult for same-sex couples

Though same-sex marriage is still illegal in 37 states in the U.S., many committed Colorado couples travel to states that allow gay couples to exchange their vows. These marriages are legally binding and must be dissolved through divorce or annulment. A problem sometimes arises when a same-sex couple who lives in one of the states that does not recognize gay marriage wants to end their relationship.

Gay and lesbian adoption and fostering bans challenged

While the state of Colorado does allow gay couples to adopt or become foster parents, not all states allow gay couples to adopt. A 1995 Nebraska law bans gay and lesbian couples from being adoptive or foster parents to children who are in state custody. Two male couples and a female couple have filed a lawsuit in a Lincoln district court claiming that the ban is unconstitutional.

Resolving disputes over name changes for children after divorce

Colorado residents may be interested in a recent court decision in New Jersey that brings to light issues of children's names after divorce. The court held that if a child was named by both parents, a change in the child's name after divorce is only appropriate if it is in the best interests of the child.

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