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Judge orders David Tutero’s twins to be separated

On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2013 | Child Custody

In news that may surprise most Colorado residents, a judge presiding over the dissolution of the domestic partnership of reality TV star David Tutera and his partner has ruled that each parent will have custody of one of the couple’s twins. Tutera initially filed for custody of both children; however, he later announced that the pair had decided that each partner would have child custody of their biological children.

Rather unusually, the twins will be living across the country from one another, one in Connecticut and one in California. Furthermore, Tutera has remarked that there are no immediate plans for the siblings to spend any time together. He did say that he hoped that the situation would improve, and the children would eventually be able to have a relationship.

Tutera, who appears in WeTV’s “My Fair Wedding,” split from his partner after ten years together in early 2013. Both men filed for dissolution in April 2013. The proceedings have been acrimonious, including allegations of infidelity and sex addiction. The wedding and party planner, whose clients include many celebrities, expressed regret that he was unable to have the fairy tale marriage like those he arranges.

Because the Colorado legal standard is the best interest of the child, judges tend to favor joint custody in most situations absent of compelling reasons why one parent should not have custody. However, in cases when only one parent is biologically related to a child, such as one from a same sex civil union or an adopted stepchild, the best interest of the child can be more difficult to ascertain. The services of a family law attorney who specializes in same-sex child custody issues may benefit individuals involved in a contentious relationship dispute. An attorney could review the case and come up with a plan that may be in the best interest of the children involved.

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