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Experts might provide value to divorce cases

On Behalf of | Oct 29, 2013 | Divorce

Couples in Colorado and elsewhere who are thinking about a divorce may find value in inviting experts to review specific aspects of their cases. Whether a divorce is negotiated or litigated, it can often be helpful to obtain professional opinions when certain issues are difficult to resolve. Such expert testimony is considered reliable and normally admissible in a court of law.

For example, a psychological expert might be able to help a couple who is struggling with issues such as child custody and visitation. A professional might be able to analyze the situation and suggest the most appropriate living situation for the children involved. Such an individual could also provide families with counseling service throughout the divorce process in order to help ease the transition for all parties involved.

Real estate experts can help place a value on real property that is at issue during the proceedings. This can be based on comparable sales prices of homes in the surrounding area as well as other factors. Renovations during the marriage might have substantially increased the property’s value as well. Other types of professionals are often used to help settle divorce cases. A valuation expert may be helpful in placing a value on a couple’s business and determining how to divide it up. A vocational expert may be needed to determine a person’s suitability for future employment as a factor in potential spousal and child support decisions.

Professionals can be useful in helping to bring divorce cases to conclusion. An attorney who has experience in divorce and family law matters may be able to determine if the use of such expert testimony is desirable.

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