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November 2013 Archives

Woman and son reunited after 35 years apart

Colorado residents may be interested to hear about a story that was 35 years in the making. On Oct. 30, the U.S. Border Patrol arrested a man that they believed to illegally crossing the border from Mexico. The man, however, claimed that he was born in Chicago and was therefore a U.S. citizen. He asked Border Patrol officials to assist in locating his mother and his U.S. birth certificate.

Parents unjustly blamed for child abuse

While child abuse is a serious problem in the United States, some Colorado parents may find themselves being accused of this crime even if their children have not actually been abused. In two recent cases, parents have been threatened with losing child custody after they were accused of child abuse, only to later find out that their children had a rare medical condition that was manifested in signs that were common in child abuse cases.

Most states prohibit same-sex adoption

As many states have begun to legalize same-sex marriage, many Colorado same-sex couples believe that second-parent adoption is the next hurdle to overcome. According to 2012 statistics from the U.S. Administration for Children and Families, 399,546 children were in foster care. However, 30 states still prohibit same-sex adoption.

Sperm donor sued for child support

In a case that has grabbed headlines in Colorado and across the nation, a man who donated sperm to a same-sex couple so that they could have a child has been sued for child support by the state of Kansas. After the female couple had posted a request on Craigslist to which the man responded, the parties entered into a contract under which it was agreed that he would have no parental obligations towards the child, who is nearly four years old. The two women have now since separated and are going through a period of financial difficulty.

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