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January 2014 Archives

Mantras for Coloradoans thinking about a divorce

Colorado residents may think their life has ended after divorce. They might be suffering through poverty. One woman explains that she found herself homeless with less than $100 in a joint account after her divorce. Her husband had not been honest about their finances. She was left with little after the dissolution of marriage. No matter how bleak things get, there is always hope. These are a few simple mantras that can help you deal with divorce legal issues and emotions.

Same-sex couples struggle with child custody issues

The right to same-sex marriage is not only about the ability to walk down to the aisle or hear wedding bells. The fact is that same-sex couples may soon be able to enjoy expanded child custody rights, along with other provisions that accompany divorce. With the right to wed, same-sex couples also should receive fair protection when terminating their domestic partnership; that includes equitable treatment in child custody cases. One recent legal proceeding in the state of Colorado illustrates the difficulty that has been faced by same-sex couples with regard to their children.

Fathers' advocates gain parenting custody traction

Legislators from Colorado's regional neighbor, Nebraska, are pondering child custody legislation options that would force judges into prioritizing shared custody. The news comes after the appearance of a report published by the State Court Administrator's Office, which showed that noncustodial parents in the state only get about five days with their children every month. Advocates for equal parent custody say that although some legislators are making moves to improve child custody issues, change has been slow to come.

Indiana court upholds rights of transgender woman

In a case that could have implications for transgender individuals in Colorado and across the nation, the Court of Appeals of Indiana ruled in late December that the state's laws against same-sex marriage do not automatically void a legal marriage if one party changes their gender. The case involved two women, one of whom was transgender. The couple wed in late 1999, separated in 2008 and filed for divorce in 2012. The transgender woman had legally changed her birth certificate gender designation from male to female in 2008. On this basis, a lower court judge rejected the divorce petition on the basis that the marriage was void since state law provides that a marriage can only be between a male and a female. The statute in question also provides that the state will not recognize marriages between same-sex couples that are legally performed in another jurisdiction.

Fathers reunited with kidnapped children

Some Colorado residents may be interested to learn that the two men whose former spouse fled to Europe with their children have been reunited with them after authorities tracked the mother to a town in France. The men traveled to the town of Divonne les Baines along the Swiss border, where a French judge ordered that the children be placed into their fathers' care after the mother was arrested. The 32-year-old woman had been the subject of an international search after she left the United States with the children last summer and a U.S. District Court filed an arrest warrant in September.

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