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February 2014 Archives

Special court order can help recover divorce settlement funds

It's a problem faced by many Coloradans who have recently been divorced. After the dissolution of the marriage, how do you make sure that your ex-spouse continues to make mandated child support and alimony payments? The fact remains that a large number of ex-spouses patently refuse to honor financial mandates contained in their divorce settlements. A certain type of legal order may be able to help some Colorado residents receive the money they need from a spouse who is trying to play the system.

Same-sex couples may file lawsuit for marriage in Colorado

Nine couples in Colorado may be planning to take legal action intended to fight Amendment 43, the legislation that prohibits same-sex marriage in the state. Recent news reports show that the future of the suit is facing some uncertainty, however, even though the same-sex couples are actively rallying against the voter-approved measure. After a series of canceled press conferences and retracted statements, the timeline for filing the lawsuit is becoming increasingly unclear.

Coloradoans encouraged to 'move forward' after divorce

Would you train for a marathon during a major life change? Colorado residents are often admittedly outdoorsy, but this could seem like an overwhelming challenge for many. For one woman, the dissolution of marriage was the perfect time to begin a major exercise training goal. Throughout her divorce, which lasted for about 16 weeks, the woman followed a 16-week marathon training plan, which ended in personal triumph after she successfully completed two races. The antidote to divorce is simple, but not always easy, she says. Just keep moving ahead.

Your primer on family law expenses at tax time

With tax time rapidly approaching, Colorado residents may be wondering whether any of their legal expenses from their divorces are eligible for deduction. The fact remains that the Internal Revenue Service is relatively stingy with tax breaks related to property division. However, some Colorado couples may be able to deduct legal fees needed to collect alimony that is taxable to one spouse. A qualified tax or family law attorney can help Colorado couples learn about their specific situation, but here are some general guidelines about your divorce at tax time.

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