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Same-sex couples may file lawsuit for marriage in Colorado

On Behalf of | Feb 21, 2014 | Domestic Partnerships

Nine couples in Colorado may be planning to take legal action intended to fight Amendment 43, the legislation that prohibits same-sex marriage in the state. Recent news reports show that the future of the suit is facing some uncertainty, however, even though the same-sex couples are actively rallying against the voter-approved measure. After a series of canceled press conferences and retracted statements, the timeline for filing the lawsuit is becoming increasingly unclear.

Experts say that the nine couples, comprising five lesbian pairs and four gay couples, are planning to challenge the gay-marriage ban using many of the same strategies as those employed in other states. Other groups have successfully challenged gay-marriage bans by arguing that they violate the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which includes the Equal Protection Clause. Even though a timeline has not been established yet for the legislation to be filed, it appears that the plaintiffs intend to join forces with several attorneys, advocacy groups and politicians.

Sources say that opponents of gay marriage may have increasingly sparse options for banning same-sex partners from getting hitched. Other challenges have been filed in Utah and Oklahoma in an attempt to thwart marriage bans for same-sex couples. Colorado politicians have already led a fight to approve legislation for civil unions, but those groups say that the time has come to expand additional benefits to same-sex couples looking to get married.

Even though same-sex marriage has not yet been approved in Colorado, domestic partnerships still come along with some family law rights. A Colorado attorney may be able to provide additional information for same-sex couples who are looking to formalize their relationships. These professionals may also educate partners about their current legal rights in the state, and explain why the same-sex marriage lawsuit could have significant impacts.

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