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March 2014 Archives

Oil magnate facing complex property division woes during divorce

Dividing up stock and stock options during your Colorado divorce may sound simple, but the fact remains that some property division issues require quite a bit of math. Family law professionals who have been following a high-asset divorce in nearby Oklahoma say that one oil magnate's stock holdings could actually weaken his control of the company after the split. How can premarital assets turn into liabilities during a divorce? Today, we explore this phenomenon.

Social media causes problems during Colorado divorces

So, you are considering going through with your divorce in Colorado. You may be thinking about property division, child custody and a variety of other topics -- but have you considered the impact of social media on your divorce? Experts say that a growing number of divorces are featuring social media documentation. For those divorcing in the 21st century, technology can play a distinct and important role. Here is how to go through with your divorce without making tech-related mistakes.

Colorado governor comes out in support of same-sex couples

The governor of Colorado has quietly come out in support of same-sex marriage, including a statement within a press release provided by lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender advocacy group One Colorado. Gov. John Hickenlooper (D-Colorado) penned this historic message, telling Colorado same-sex couples that every adult Coloradan deserves to freely join in marriage. The statement was a significant departure from Hickenlooper's previous position, in which he had argued that same-sex couples should receive the same rights as other couples, but those unions should not be called "marriage."

Custody and visitation issues: When to say 'yes' to divorce

Couples who are unhappy in their Colorado marriages may be worried about the impact that a divorce could have on their children. However, experts say that families should really be more concerned about children who are forced to stay in a contentious environment. Despite the fact that you may have to hammer out custody and visitation issues, sometimes a divorce is the better choice for everyone.

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