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Social media causes problems during Colorado divorces

On Behalf of | Mar 21, 2014 | Divorce

So, you are considering going through with your divorce in Colorado. You may be thinking about property division, child custody and a variety of other topics — but have you considered the impact of social media on your divorce? Experts say that a growing number of divorces are featuring social media documentation. For those divorcing in the 21st century, technology can play a distinct and important role. Here is how to go through with your divorce without making tech-related mistakes.

Colorado residents may not know that their social media posts, including those on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, are all fair game in divorce court. If you think you can prevent the information from making an appearance simply by blocking your soon-to-be ex, you may be in for a surprise. Friends’ profiles can often still access controversial information that could make its way into child custody, child support and alimony proceedings.

Speaking of child custody, it is critical that parents monitor the posting activity of their children during the divorce process. Information from social media may be used against the parents even if the pictures or status updates are not posted by the adult. An errant child who posts a picture of herself drinking alcohol at a high-school party — or even jumping on a trampoline — could provide fodder for parents whose custody cases are already on edge.

Attorneys say that the best policy during divorce is simply to avoid social media posts. Social media actions can be used against spouses in a variety of contexts, so it is best to keep your thoughts to yourself, especially if you feel animosity toward your ex. A Colorado divorce attorney may be able to advise you about appropriate use of social media during the dissolution of your marriage.

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