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April 2014 Archives

Same-sex couples face serious barriers in custody proceedings

Same-sex couples in Colorado and the rest of the nation have long been saying that there is a decided heterosexual bias in the courts, but little data has existed to prove that assertion. Now, though, researchers from Drexel University have determined that court decisions actually are far more likely to favor straight parents. This is a disconcerting fact for same-sex couples, who suffer because of the systematically discriminatory legislative and judicial trend.

How families of special-needs kids can handle divorce

It's a statistic that is often quoted throughout the family law realm: About four out of every five couple with an autistic child will divorce after the diagnosis. If that shocking number seems unrealistic to you, good job; experts in the field say that estimate is completely misguided. In fact, couples in Colorado and other locations have about the same divorce rate whether or not they have an autistic child. That does not mean that divorce with a special-needs child is sure to go smoothly, however. These families do have some specific challenges that can affect virtually every aspect of the legal proceeding, from child custody to property division and other considerations.

Colorado man's fight for parent custody finally at an end

A Colorado man who has not had any communication with his daughters in seven months is one step closer to retrieving them from their mother. Official reports show that the man's child custody problems relate to international abduction. The girls' mother spirited them away to Argentina more than three years ago in violation of a child custody court order. Those two girls are just a couple of the more than 1,000 children who are abducted by parents to a foreign country each year.

Thinking about a divorce? Get your finances in order this spring!

Spring has officially sprung in Colorado. As the weather warms up and our thoughts turn to our annual cleaning regimen, experts say that additional spring cleaning could be used to improve our financial situation. If you are thinking about a divorce, you should consider getting your finances in shape during this tax season and onset of sunnier days.

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