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Detailed child custody agreement part of finalized Lopez divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 20, 2014 | Child Custody

The main goal of any child custody agreement is to protect the children while allowing the parents to play an active role in the child’s life. Celebrity couples who have children aren’t any different than anyone else when it comes to this.

When Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez announced their breakup almost three years ago, some Colorado fans might have wondered how this split would affect the couple’s twins. Court documents now show exactly how the divorce will affect the young boy and girl.

The divorce agreement is a very detailed agreement that protects the twins from unwanted publicity. It contains an agreement that the adults will protect the twins from intrusions that could affect their privacy.

In the agreement, the parents will share custody of the children. That parenting time isn’t equal, however. Instead, Anthony gets the twins seven days per month. Lopez will have them the remainder of the month. Special days, such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, Halloween, school vacations, their birthday and other holidays are also covered in the child custody agreement.

Lopez and Anthony have a very detailed child custody agreement that should make it easy for them to know how the custody arrangements will work. The clause about keeping the children protected from the paparazzi shows that these two parents truly do want to keep their children’s best interests in mind.

Those who are going through a child custody battle, whether it is part of a divorce or not, should learn about all the options they have pertaining to child custody so they can determine which options they feel are best for the children.

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