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July 2014 Archives

Book helps children in the middle of a child custody fight

Parents who have decided their marriage isn't working might opt to get a divorce. Because of how the divorce changes the family structure, the children might have difficulties adjusting to the change. When that happens, the parents might look for ways to help the child cope. For some children, reading about how other children deal with divorce and learning about life changes might help them to cope with the divorce better.

Divorce, sleep and your health are all tied into each other

Going through a divorce is a stressful situation. The issues normally associated with divorce can bring on worry. That worry can lead to sleep disturbances. A study that was done on 138 people who had gone through a divorce 16 weeks prior to the study showed that there are potentially serious health risks associated with the stress of divorce. These findings might interest Colorado couples who are going through a divorce or people who have recently divorced.

Pamela Anderson files for divorce after 6-month marriage

Anyone who is married knows that marriage isn't always an easy journey. It can be rather difficult. Some couples are able to work through the difficult times, but other couples just can't make things work out. For those in the latter group, a divorce is sometimes the result. Some of our Colorado readers might like to know about a celebrity divorce that was recently filed.

Child custody issues nixed for women who were raped

Women who have been raped often have a very difficult road ahead of them. When the rape leads a pregnancy, the difficulty is increased. After the child is born, some women have to worry about their rapist trying to seek parental rights. A new law in Colorado protects women from this type of child custody issue.

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