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Divorce, sleep and your health are all tied into each other

On Behalf of | Jul 18, 2014 | Divorce

Going through a divorce is a stressful situation. The issues normally associated with divorce can bring on worry. That worry can lead to sleep disturbances. A study that was done on 138 people who had gone through a divorce 16 weeks prior to the study showed that there are potentially serious health risks associated with the stress of divorce. These findings might interest Colorado couples who are going through a divorce or people who have recently divorced.

In the study, participants were required to go to a sleep lab for monitoring. It was discovered that the subjects had difficulty sleeping. While this didn’t present a problem in the first visit to the sleep center, in subsequent visits an increase in blood pressure was noted. This is attributed to the loss of sleep earlier in the 7.5 month study.

The authors of the study wrote that anyone who is having sleeping troubles because of a divorce should get help. They warned that failing to do so can lead to some problems. The American Psychological Association notes that depression caused by a divorce can cause the immune system to weaken. It can also lead to lonely feelings and social isolation.

While it usually isn’t possible to eliminate all the stress of divorcing, it might be possible to reduce the stress level of it by understanding your rights. Knowing what to expect at hearings and being prepared for all proceedings might also help you to feel less stress as you start your new life as a single person. When you aren’t as stressed, you might get better sleep that can help to eliminate potential problems later.

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