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Pamela Anderson files for divorce after 6-month marriage

On Behalf of | Jul 17, 2014 | Divorce

Anyone who is married knows that marriage isn’t always an easy journey. It can be rather difficult. Some couples are able to work through the difficult times, but other couples just can’t make things work out. For those in the latter group, a divorce is sometimes the result. Some of our Colorado readers might like to know about a celebrity divorce that was recently filed.

People might remember the news about Pamela Anderson and Rick Salomon getting married in 2007 and then divorcing a short time later. That marriage lasted two months. Well, the couple got married again in January. Anderson filed for a divorce recently, so this time around they lasted around six months or so.

Neither Anderson nor Salomon is a stranger to divorce. Their first marriage ended in an annulment, but both have had other marriages end in divorce. Instead of a issuing a comment, Anderson released a poem on her Facebook page that shows her frustration.

At least the couple doesn’t have to worry about child custody issues since they don’t have children together. Anderson does have two sons with Tommy Lee. Salomon has two daughters with Elizabeth Daily.

No matter who you are, going through a divorce is difficult. For people with assets, wealth and special considerations, the process can be complex. Knowing what you will need and learning about how the divorce process works can help you make it to the final settlement without as much stress. Once the divorce is final, you can move on with your new, free life.

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