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August 2014 Archives

What is a domestic partnership in Boulder?

There are some cases in which a couple might want to document their relationship without having to take the huge step of getting married. A domestic partnership might be the best choice to do this. Boulder offers a registry for domestic partnerships that allows you to document your relationship. Knowing about the registry might help you to decide if it is a good option for you.

Roller coaster ride for same-sex couples continues in Colorado

For people who are in same-sex partnerships, the right to have marriage equality is a very real concern. With each passing day, it seems as though same-sex couples are being put on a roller coaster that doesn't have an end in sight. For those who live in Colorado, a recent stay issued by the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals means that the roller coaster ride is going to continue for at least a little while longer.

Common-law marriage and divorce in Colorado

If you have moved to Colorado from elsewhere, you may not know much about common-law marriage, and the impact that it can have on divorce proceedings, just because most states do not even recognize it. However, Colorado still does, so it is important to know what it is and how it works.

Understanding custody terms and laws in Colorado

Having the right knowledge in a legal situation can make all of the difference. To that end, it is important that Colorado residents understand both the laws and the terms that are used within those laws if they are thinking about going through a divorce and they want to maintain their child custody rights.

The shift in support for same-sex couples

The issue of same-sex marriages has been very prevalent lately, both in Colorado and across the entire country. Judges have been overturning state laws that prohibit same-sex marriage, saying that they are in violation of the Constitution. This happened around a month ago in Colorado.

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