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Roller coaster ride for same-sex couples continues in Colorado

On Behalf of | Aug 22, 2014 | Same-Sex Partners

For people who are in same-sex partnerships, the right to have marriage equality is a very real concern. With each passing day, it seems as though same-sex couples are being put on a roller coaster that doesn’t have an end in sight. For those who live in Colorado, a recent stay issued by the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals means that the roller coaster ride is going to continue for at least a little while longer.

Had the stay not been issued by the court, same-sex couples in Colorado could have been married starting on Aug. 25. The stay means that same-sex marriages as well as same-sex divorces in the state will be hold until a new ruling comes down.

The stay comes after a federal judge issued an injunction against enforcing the same-sex marriage ban. After refusing to halt the injunction, it was ordered that the stay be granted temporarily. The appeals court says that it wants to remain consistent with the rulings of other marriage cases.

All of the ups and downs are likely frustrating to same-sex couples who want to enjoy the benefits of a legal marriage. Without these rights, couples in same-sex relationships are stuck trying to live as two separate entities from a legal standpoint.

As these cases make their way through the courts, laws and statutes are likely to change. Keeping up with all these new rulings might prove to be difficult for some people. Making sure that you fully understand how each one affects you is vital if you are in a same-sex relationship that could lead to marriage and the need to claim spousal benefits.

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