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Parenting agreements can make child custody matters easier

On Behalf of | Oct 8, 2014 | Child Custody

In our blog last week, we mentioned that Kris and Bruce Jenner are getting a divorce and that they are seeking joint custody of their youngest daughter. The divorce seems to be affecting the teenage girl, but at least she isn’t having to deal with a bitter child custody battle over her. For our readers in Colorado who are parents going through a divorce, learning about parenting agreements might help them to come to an agreement about how to handle their own child custody matters.

In order to come up with a parenting agreement, parents must be willing to compromise. This agreement is usually the result of some give and take from the parents. In some cases, the parents’ attorneys might be the ones to hash out the agreement on behalf of their clients.

Generally speaking, a parenting agreement will cover at least the basics of child custody. More detailed parenting plans are also possible and might make the parenting easier down the road.

One of the major aspects of the parenting agreement is listing with whom the child will live. Visitation and holiday schedules are also necessary. In some cases, the parenting agreement might include instructions about what decisions each parent will make for the child. Both parents might work together, for example, to decide where the child will attend school. Each parent might be responsible for deciding what activities a child can participate in while the child is in their physical custody.

In most cases, the parenting agreement will be given to the court for approval. It is important that the parenting agreement contain all the points required for that specific case. It must also put the best interests of the child first. For these reasons, being legally represented by a professional who knows Colorado’s child custody laws can help to ensure the parenting plan will meet court approval.

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