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November 2014 Archives

Same-sex couples and Social Security benefits

As many of our readers know, Colorado is one of the states that has legalized same-sex marriage. This means that same-sex couples who are married and live in Colorado, regardless of where they were married, can enjoy the same rights and benefits as those who are in opposite-sex marriages in the state. One of these rights is to receive Social Security survivor benefits and spousal benefits for couples who qualify for the benefits.

Can divorce kill my credit score if we have credit card bills?

When you are married and have credit cards, you probably don't think twice about will happen to those accounts if you get a divorce. Sadly, getting a divorce when you and your ex owe credit card debt is something that can ruin your credit. Our Colorado readers might be interested in learning a little about how a divorce can destroy your credit.

The process for getting a divorce in Colorado

After reading through our blog, you probably know we fully understand that divorce is necessary for some people. We know that you didn't go into your marriage with the expectation that you would have to file for divorce. You probably didn't even think about things like how you would divide property or raise your children if your relationship ended. While divorce does have to take all of those things into consideration, it doesn't have to be a process that is overly stressful.

What is a common-law marriage in Colorado?

Some people in Colorado might have heard about the story of Iggy Azalea being served with divorce papers. That shocked some of her fans simply because she wasn't married. While that story didn't happen in Colorado, it does bring up an important aspect of relationships in Colorado since Colorado is one of the states that fully recognizes common law marriage.

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