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December 2014 Archives

Child custody arrangements for teens have special considerations

Many parents think that teenagers are outgoing and want to be left on their own. While that is true for some teenagers, these children sometimes need special parental attention in the event of divorce. Because teenagers tend to have an active social life and very distinct desires, coming up with a suitable parenting plan can prove to be rather challenging. Our Colorado readers might be interested in learning about some points that make custody arrangements for teenagers interesting.

Child custody and domestic violence in Colorado

For victims of domestic violence in Colorado who have children, one of the most troublesome thoughts is whether the child will have to spend time with the abusive person once the parent's relationship with that person is terminated. As odd as it sounds, there is a possibility that a parent accused of abuse could still be awarded parenting time or decision making responsibilities.

Simplified divorce might be possible for some in Colorado

Anyone who is going through a divorce likely has felt the pang of dread that comes with the thoughts of having to battle with the person you once loved. People tend to think about the high-stress divorces that are highlighted in movies and on television. Not all divorces have to be on the "War of the Roses" level. Some divorces can be a joint effort to end a marriage.

Clergy moving away from legal marriages might affect family law

When some Christians get married, they turn to the pastor or priest of their church to perform the ceremony. In those cases, the pastor or priest usually officiates the ceremony and then signs the form that is filed with the government to legalize the union. Many Christian leaders, and Christians as a whole, are saying it is time for that tradition to stop. That, however, could greatly impact the state of marriage in Colorado.

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