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Child custody arrangements for teens have special considerations

On Behalf of | Dec 26, 2014 | Child Custody

Many parents think that teenagers are outgoing and want to be left on their own. While that is true for some teenagers, these children sometimes need special parental attention in the event of divorce. Because teenagers tend to have an active social life and very distinct desires, coming up with a suitable parenting plan can prove to be rather challenging. Our Colorado readers might be interested in learning about some points that make custody arrangements for teenagers interesting.

One point about custody agreements for teens is that the agreement must be flexible. Teenagers likely can’t be bound by rigid custody arrangements because they would miss out on valuable times with their friends. For example, a teen who is involved in sports at school couldn’t miss games, events or practices on a regular basis to go to a parent’s home that is hours away.

While it is important to still be a parent to your teenage child, it is also important to realize that your teen is becoming independent. Teens should have some say in where they go and what they do. That isn’t to say that the teen should have total control. Instead, the teen should be able to help come up with the agreement that is going to govern his or her life.

Knowing how to work with your teen and the other parent in the equation can help to ensure that your teen’s interests are protected with the agreement. You might have to revisit the agreement often, so make sure you understand how changes to laws and other issues can affect your rights and your teen’s rights.

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