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January 2015 Archives

Same-sex couples and child custoday in Colorado

While the news surrounding same-sex marriage isn't as prevalent as it was just a few months ago, that doesn't stop the fact that there are serious issues still plaguing same-sex couples in Colorado. One of these issues surrounds the instance of children who are being raised by same-sex couples. Some people might think that this isn't a good thing, but many same-sex couples would disagree.

Child custody evaluations can include investigators in Colorado

When you are going through a troublesome divorce and have children with your ex, the child custody aspect of the divorce can often become an area of contention. Courts in Colorado can appoint a Child and Family Investigator to take a look at the case and give the court a recommendation about what he or she feels is best for the child. This recommendation can include suggestions about decision-making and parenting time.

Military moves might affect child custody

Last week, we discussed how some military families choose to adopt and covered some of the basic information about those adoptions. Keeping in that same theme of military members, we are going to talk about something every service member is familiar with -- relocating. Our readers in Colorado might not realize this, but just because a person is in the military doesn't mean that he or she can just move a child who is part of a child custody agreement. Instead, they have to go through the court to ensure that they are relocating the child with the court's permission.

Are there benefits for military families in Colorado who adopt?

For some service members, adding a new member to the family is something that is desirable. In some cases, that is done through adoption. Our readers in Colorado might find it interesting to know that the military offers specific benefits and allowances for service members who adopt a child.

Family law: Factors affecting military divorce

Going through a divorce as a military service member can be complicated. In addition to knowing about the laws pertaining to divorce in the jurisdiction in which you will file, there are several other considerations you must think about. Our military readers in Colorado might be interested in learning about some of the things that military members have to think about when they are ready to end a marriage.

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