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March 2015 Archives

Colorado divorce rate continues to drop

The divorce rate across the United States has been dropping in recent years, and Colorado appears to be following suit, with the state divorce rate at a 10-year low. One possible reason for this could be the rebounding economy and the fact that many couples are now waiting until later in life to get married.

What are open and closed adoptions in Colorado?

When some people hear about adoptions, they think of the closed adoption. That, however, isn't the only type of adoption that is available in the United States. Some adoptions are open adoptions. There are very specific differences between these types of adoptions that might interest our Colorado readers.

Child custody issues that might occur after remarriage

After some parents get divorced, they meet a new person who they want to share a life with. While it is easy enough for the parent to adjust to, the children might have issues with a stepparent coming into the picture. There are some ways that parents can help their children to cope with a stepparent coming into the picture. Our Colorado readers might be interested in learning about what children might experience when a parent remarries.

How can I help my child cope with child custody after divorce?

When you and your spouse decide that your marriage is over, the choice to divorce might come easily. If you have children, explaining the divorce and helping your child to cope with the effects of it might not be easy at all. There are several factors that our Colorado readers might like to consider when it comes to helping children cope with divorce.

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