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April 2015 Archives

Father says taking daughter to Pink concert was poor parenting

When divorced or separated parents disagree on what is best for their children, it is common for them to ask the courts to step in and make a ruling. However, it is becoming more common for the courts to refuse to rule against a parent who has made a decision that did not cause the child physical, mental or emotional harm.

50/50 Parenting Bill being considered by Colorado lawmakers

The battle over parenting time is one that most parents who aren't living together dread. Colorado Senate Bill 15-129, which is also known as the 50/50 Parenting Bill, seeks to change the way that courts handle parenting time.

Get your paperwork in order for a domestic partnership

Non-traditional families, such as those in domestic partnerships, have some unique challenges when it comes to some aspects of the law. When it comes to domestic partnerships, the challenges can be present for same-sex couples or opposite-sex couples. Knowing your rights and learning how to protect those rights can help you to feel more secure as you enjoy your partnership.

Does Colorado recognize common law marriage?

It's becoming increasingly common for today's couples to live together for years before getting married. When a relationship ends several years in, it can be much like a divorce even if the parties were never legally married. Common law marriages have been around for over a hundred years, but whether or not they are recognized varies by state, and there are many misconceptions surrounding this practice.

What are some points covered in a divorce?

When people are ready for their marriages to end, they usually head to the courthouse to file for divorce. For those who are heading that way, it is vital for them to understand exactly what a divorce can do for your situation. This can help you to learn what to expect, which can help you to feel a little less stressed as you take the steps necessary to legally end your marriage.

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