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August 2015 Archives

Colorado dentist's license suspended due to failure to pay

While many parents paying child support feel that the ordered support amount is unfair or that the custodial parent is not spending the support money on the children, it's never a good idea to stop paying child support. Doing this can lead to severe consequences, ranging from wage garnishment to revoking your driver's license, but as shown in the case below, sometimes it can also affect your livelihood itself.

Kelly Rutherford's children back with father

It's common for people to want to return to their native country when they are dealing with a major life even such as divorce, or even just as they get older and want to put down roots. However, as seen in the ongoing legal issues actress Kelly Rutherford and ex-husband Daniel Giersch have been enduring over the last few years, this can create complications for child custody cases.

What if I want to homeschool?

Homeschooling can encompass a wide variety of education avenues, from the child attending an accredited online program to being taught a curriculum entirely of the parent's choosing and discretion. However, almost all states have some type of regulation or oversight of homeschooling. Some require students to take the same standardized tests as those in public school to ensure they are keeping up academically with their peers, while others review the proposed curriculum each year to ensure it covers what it should.

Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert divorce and divide assets

While the media is often more concerned with the relationship details and reasons behind a high-profile divorce, the property division process can be just as interesting and can serve as an example of how couples worth millions divide up their assets after deciding to divorce. For Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert, who announced that they had divorced in a joint statement on July 20, a prenuptial agreement appears to have simplified matters greatly.

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