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September 2015 Archives

Tips for co-parenting to help you and your child

Co-parenting is something that isn't always easy, but when you can work with your child's other parent, you might find that the reward of raising a secure child is worth the stress that comes with co-parenting. Whether you are still in the process of coming up with a parenting plan or have been co-parenting for a long time, remembering a few tips can help to make the situation easier for you and more comfortable for your child.

Who provides health insurance?

An important but often forgotten part of divorcing with children is the aspect of providing health insurance for the children. In some cases, if one parent has been providing health insurance coverage through a job, it is easiest to continue with the status quo and keep this as part of the divorce decree. However, in some cases, parents may disagree about who should be responsible for providing health insurance coverage for the children and who should pay it.

Know what to expect in a Colorado divorce

In our previous blog post, we discussed how women seek divorce more often than men these days. Anyone who is interested in seeking a divorce in Colorado should know what to expect during the divorce process. While we can offer you some basic guidelines regarding what to expect, we can't cover every situation that you might encounter when you file for a divorce.

Women are calling it quits more than men these days

Watching older sitcoms, television shows and movies, it is easy to see how much society has changed over the years. The "Leave It to Beaver" days are pretty much gone. Those days were the ones in which men worked, women kept the house and children were free to roam the neighborhood.

Does registering a domestic partnership give us legal rights?

Many people who are not interested in getting married have questions about a domestic partnerships and what the legal rights and responsibilities are. It's important to understand that just because you register a domestic partnership, it doesn't give you any more legal rights than you had prior to the registration. Contrary to popular belief, domestic partnerships are not the same thing as a common law marriage, and you may be surprised at how much you need to do to protect yourself and your finances if you decide on a domestic partnership.

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