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Tips for co-parenting to help you and your child

On Behalf of | Sep 28, 2015 | Child Custody

Co-parenting is something that isn’t always easy, but when you can work with your child’s other parent, you might find that the reward of raising a secure child is worth the stress that comes with co-parenting. Whether you are still in the process of coming up with a parenting plan or have been co-parenting for a long time, remembering a few tips can help to make the situation easier for you and more comfortable for your child.

One important point about co-parenting is that you have to keep your feelings about your ex separated from the situations that involve your child. Just because you are frustrated with your ex doesn’t mean that you can deny him or her parenting time. Additionally, you shouldn’t ever speak negatively of your ex in front of your child.

Children thrive on consistency. While it isn’t always possible for everything to be exactly the same at both homes, you can work with your ex to establish some of the rules that would apply to both homes. An example would be if you and your ex adopt a policy that your child must get certain grades in order to be able to participate in extracurricular activities.

Understand that you and your ex will have some different parenting methods. If possible, help your child to learn how to adapt to the differences in a way that creates a positive transition.

If there are points related to child custody that you and your ex can’t work out, you might end up having to head to court. Learning about how you and your ex might be able to resolve those matters can help you decide how to handle the situation.

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