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Relocation, job changes and other reasons for modifications

On Behalf of | Oct 6, 2015 | Child Custody

Child custody matters are some of the most difficult to deal with when parents aren’t in a relationship. Some parents might not want to have to deal with child custody issues after the initial order is entered. There are some cases in which modifications to child custody orders or child support orders might be necessary. We can help you explore your options when the need for a modification arises.

There are several reasons why a child custody or support modification might be necessary. A child custody modification might need to occur if a parent is engaging in behaviors that could affect the welfare of the child or if the child is having trouble at home. If the custodial parent wants to move, a modification might be required.

If the custodial parent wants to move out of the area and the non-custodial parent doesn’t agree with the move, going to court might be necessary. There are several factors that can affect whether the court will approve a move or not. The distance, the reason for the move and the effects the move will have on the child are some of the considerations.

In the case of child support modifications, a parent who is paying child support and loses his or her job might need a modification. If a paying parent gets a higher paying job, a modification might be in order.

We know that you have your child’s best interests in mind when you are pursuing child support and child custody matters. We can help you to learn your options and learn how each option can affect you and your child. We stand beside you throughout the process to ensure that your rights are respected.