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November 2015 Archives

Just the word 'alimony' can inspire fear

When the divorce negotiations start, one of the sticking points is often alimony. Maybe it was addressed in your prenup. If so, good for you. It's one fight that won't have to play out. However, if you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse are miles apart when it comes to agreeing on the amount and duration of alimony payments, you could be in for a longer divorce.

Divorces involving addiction

Addiction is an unfortunate reality for many people across Colorado and the rest of the country. While addiction to alcohol, drugs or even something like gambling, can have serious negative effects on the person with the addiction, it also often spills over into the family as well. When issues with addiction are ongoing or create a great deal of stress in the family, it may bring the relationship to an end. Divorcing when one party has issues with addiction can make an already difficult situation even more challenging.

How often can a child support order be modified?

Child support orders are determined based on the numbers and facts at hand at the time of the divorce. However, just like with any other situation in life, these change as time passes. It's fairly common for child support orders to be adjusted a couple of times over the course of the order, depending on the age of the children, but it's important to understand the guidelines for these changes.

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