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Domestic partnership a realty since 2014

On Behalf of | Dec 24, 2015 | Domestic Partnerships

Having a family with your partner can be fulfilling. You love each other so why not start a family that will complete the picture? Families look different these days. Not only are same-sex partners getting married, but they are facing what traditional marriages have faced for decades: divorce, prenuptial agreements and parenting. These can all be handled with a good attorney from the Offices of Keane Law, LLC. We know what you need and can provide not only a listening ear but research and legal advice for you.

You and your family unit should be able to seek legal help under Colorado law. At our law office, we know what that looks like. We serve and support domestic partnerships every day so you know you are getting the benefit of many years of combined experience to assist you. We have some really creative ways to meet your needs and it is the same as if you were in a traditional marriage. It is the law and we are here to help.

Same-sex divorce is a hot-button issue these days. If you are in a domestic partnership and need to split with your husband or wife, you may want to give us a call. There are unique challenges that you face when you are in a non-traditional marriage. Since October of 2014, same sex partners have been able to have the same type of legal standing as other marriages and divorces.

Getting a domestic partnership agreement in place, just like a prenuptial agreement, will allow you to get your assets and property protected if the marriage shouldn’t work out. Protecting your property is important and you may want to contact us to put this in place. It is simply a contract between you and your partner which spells out the details of what will happen if you get a divorce.