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January 2016 Archives

What do I need to know about same-sex divorce in Colorado?

Before the U.S. Supreme Court's ruling last year that legalized same-sex marriage across the nation, many states refused to allow such marriages. What often ended up happening was that a same-sex couple would be married in a state that did recognize their union and then moved to a state that didn't. If a divorce was needed, they weren't able to get one in the state they now lived. They would have to return to the state where they were married to file for divorce. Many states require a period of residency before granting a divorce.

Custody decisions: The child's input

There are many misconceptions about when a child's wishes regarding custody or living arrangements are taken into consideration. While it is normal for children to have a preference or want a change in the custody arrangement as they get older and the family situation changes, a child's preferences are not automatically given legal standing in the family courts.

Custody disputes don't have to be about mom vs. dad

When it comes to child custody matters, Colorado, like nearly every other state, emphasizes the importance of putting the best interests of the child first. Whether you are a parent preparing to divorce your spouse or you are unmarried and have children, it's important to consider how the decisions you make when determining custody will affect your children.

Tax problems can be solved in a divorce situation

Getting a divorce, or making the initial decision to divorce, is usually a fairly simple decision. It may not be easy but it is obvious to you that it needs to happen. It can be an all-encompassing thing that happens in your life. Making decisions during the divorce process is important. There will be actions that you can take to protect yourself against a heavy tax bill.

Know what to expect when talking with your attorney

Preparing to talk to a family law attorney can be an intimidating and overwhelming process. It's easy to feel like there are so many issues you need to cover and have no idea where to begin. The first meeting is often the most difficult since you are just getting to know your attorney and figuring out of the partnership is a good fit. Here are some issues to be prepared to discuss at your first appointment with a divorce attorney.

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