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February 2016 Archives

How do we terminate a domestic partnership?

Registering a domestic partnership can be an important milestone for many couples, and Boulder's Domestic Partnership Registration is something even residents outside the city can take part in. However, despite all best intentions, sometimes these relationships do not work out. When it's time to end a domestic partnership, it's important to understand what needs to be done to terminate the partnership with Boulder's registry.

Understand what might affect your divorce settlement

Going through a divorce is often emotionally taxing. It can also be mentally draining. During the times when you are facing emotional and mental overexertion, you should be able to count on someone who has your best interests at heart. We can help you to understand your rights and how different decisions might affect you.

Some tips for paying for college after divorce

The expenses related to rearing children are complex as it is -- and not always easy to cover in today's economy. If you are going through a divorce or are recently divorced, these issues can be even more difficult to deal with, and paying for college is one of the expenses that can become confusing after the end of a marriage. Here are a couple of tips for dealing with college tuition following divorce.

5 Key Considerations During Divorce

For Colorado couples thinking of or planning for divorce, there are numerous factors that should be considered when protecting property, assets and other personal interests: What will happen to my kids? Who will stay in the family home? What's going to happen to our marital debts? Who do I turn to for help? These are just a few of the questions many people have as they prepare for divorce.

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