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Proposal would level the field for fathers in child custody cases

On Behalf of | Mar 31, 2016 | Child Custody

When a parent is going through a child custody case, there shouldn’t be a preference made regarding the mother or father ahead of time unless there is case-specific information that would require that type of prejudice. In Colorado, there is a specific proposal on the table that would require that family law judges consider fathers and mothers have equal footing when it comes to child custody matters.

The new proposal would require that a child’s father and mother have equal access to the child. Of course, this would be dependent upon the specific case. This means that the division of the child’s time would be done as evenly as possible according to the circumstances.

This is a big change from the way that child custody has been decided. Generally, the child’s best interests were considered but preference was usually given to one parent. In many cases, fathers were the parents who were left out of the child’s life for the majority of the time.

If the new proposal is enacted into law, Colorado fathers will have a much more even claim to time with their children. Still, it would be up to the judge’s discretion to decide what orders should be made in child custody cases. In some cases, the parents can work out their own custody agreement, so the new proposal wouldn’t apply in those instances.

Child custody matters are often very sensitive matters. If you are facing a child custody battle, you should make sure that you understand your options and rights before you take any steps with the case.

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