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Understanding the benefits of collaborative divorce

On Behalf of | Apr 15, 2016 | Family Law

Divorce is difficult for anyone involved. However, a contentious divorce can have a lasting effect on children. That is why it is prudent as a couple to spare your kids the rough consequences of a divorce whenever possible.

If you are planning to get a divorce, consider pursuing alternative dispute resolution methods, such as collaborative divorce, as opposed to litigation.

What is a collaborative divorce?

Just as the name suggests, collaborative divorce allows both parties to solve their disputes amicably through negotiation and compromise. Essentially, you and your spouse can work with your attorneys to talk through any contentious issues, reach mutually agreeable decisions and avoid many of the headaches associated with long, drawn out litigation.

Why retaining control of your divorce, you and your spouse can work through issues at your own pace. Even if you think you can resolve only a few matters such as dividing the home or other assets, getting the conversation started may lead to additional compromises and subsequently, a quicker solution.

Why consider collaborative divorce?

As you agree on the matters surrounding the divorce, you can spare your children the potential embarrassment and trauma of watching their parents fight it out in court. A collaborative resolution helps the two parties to keep matters private.

As you avoid the usually lengthy court cases, you save time and money. The family courts are notoriously backed up and it could take months or even years to resolve your case. During that time you will incur additional legal fees. By working through a solution with your spouse instead of trying to score points or inflict pain, you can get through the process and move on with your life.

Furthermore, children often cope with the separation better in collaborative divorce than when the spouses fight. From the onset, you can explain the divorce to the children and save them from being exposed to contentious courtroom proceedings or the prolonged process of resolving your divorce through litigation.

Working together

At Keane Law, LLC, we understand the challenges facing divorcing families and look to provide advice and solutions that fit the unique needs of the people we represent. We are skilled litigators who understand what it takes to cases as far as they need to go. Additionally, we know how to resolve conflicts through mediation and negotiation. By combining these two skill sets, we can help clients find a solution that works for them.

Contact Keane Law, LLC today and we can help you figure out the most amicable way to separate your lives and still get the best for your children.