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Learn about Colorado child custody matters

On Behalf of | May 5, 2016 | Child Custody

Being an active part of your child’s life is an important point of any parent’s life. When a child’s two parents aren’t in a relationship any longer, that can prove to be very challenging. One way that parents can ensure they have an important role in their child’s life is through the child custody agreement.

In Colorado, parents must make decisions about decision making, parental responsibility and parenting time. This is because Colorado doesn’t use the blanket terms of visitation and child custody any longer. We know that this might make it seem like coming to terms with a custody agreement will be difficult. We can help you to learn about the terms and what they mean so that you can be ready to get the agreement hashed out when the time comes.

Decision making has to do with which parent will make decisions for the child. In many cases, the parents agree to work together to make the big decisions for the child. This would include decisions related to religion, health care and education decisions.

Parental responsibility has to do with how the parents will care for the child. This can include financial, emotional and physical support for the child. It is important to note that you and your child’s other parent won’t handle the child support factor. Instead, child support must be decided upon by the court.

Parenting time is the time that the parent spends with the child. In most cases, both parents will have plenty of time to spend with the child. We know that this is a big concern in these cases, so we can help you fight to have the time you need with your child.