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June 2016 Archives

Child custody orders aren't permanent, modification is possible

Deciding that you need to take legal action regarding child custody is something that you probably didn't take lightly. If you are in that position, chances are good that you felt the need to protect your right to parent your child. We know that no parent wants to think about having to fight to be able to parent their child.

Undergoing IVF? Why an attorney is necessary

Infertilty and reproduction are delicate subjects for most, frought with emotions and anxiety. On the one hand, it may enable you to have the child you have dreamed about. On the other hand, the process is complicated and expensive. That is why when and if you decide to pursue assisted reproductive therapies (commonly known as ART), it's likely that you won't want to have to endure worst case scenarios.

Noncompliance with the summer visitation schedule

Most custody and parenting time orders that are put in place by the courts today have specific stipulations on how visitation will be handled during the summer when school is out and the children's schedules are often different. However, it's also not uncommon for one or both parents to not want to comply with the summer visitation schedule.

Pet custody battles: What you need to know

It's very common for couples to adopt an animal — or two or three — as part of their family. However, if the relationship ends and you decide to divorce, you may wonder who is entitled to keep the pets. This is an increasingly popular question, but it's not one with an easy answer.

Establishing paternity is the first step in fathers' rights cases

Becoming a father is a huge event in a man's life. Many men want to be able to raise their children; however, some mothers try to stop men from being able to participate in the child's life. When that happens, the man might decide that he is going to take the woman to court to get an order that says he can be a part of his child's life. In some cases, proving paternity is one of the steps that must be taken before a court can issue a child custody order allowing the father to help raise his child.

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