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July 2016 Archives

Dealing with a difficult ex

While it can often seem like the majority of divorced or divorcing couples are able to stay friends and co-parent peacefully, this just isn't always the case. Many times, there are very good reasons that the two parties are going separate ways. Often, they don't get along or aren't able to communicate effectively. If this sounds like your situation, here are some steps to take to mitigate some of the conflict and stress.

What issues may be affected by my child's special needs?

If you're considering a divorce and you have a special needs child, you're right to be concerned about how that may impact the terms of your divorce. In most cases, there are several things that may need to be altered to ensure that the child's best interests are being represented, including the following.

Making the best of your divorce

Divorce is hard even when you know it's the best course of action for the situation. There will inevitably be hard-to-navigate circumstances and challenges come up, but there are some things you can do to make the best of a difficult situation.

How will getting a divorce affect my credit?

One of the many mistakes people often make when going through a divorce is assuming that it won't have that big of an impact on their finances. However, this couldn't be further from the truth. In addition to the financial strain of supporting yourself on one income or establishing an independent residence, you may still also be responsible for continuing to pay some marital bills throughout the divorce, which can take months.

Should you have a prenup?

The U.S. Supreme Court decision last year was a huge one in the history of the country. Many same-sex couples immediately got married or started making plans to wed. However, now that it's been a year since the decision was handed down, some possible unseen consequences are coming to light. One of those is that many same-sex couples would benefit greatly by having a prenup in place before the wedding.

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