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August 2016 Archives

Child support isn't dependent upon child custody

Last week, we discussed some of the tax effects of child support payments. Those considerations are very serious for some people who pay or receive child support. While it is true that child custody and child support go hand in hand, parents who are facing child custody and support issues should know that having to pay child support doesn't depend on your ability to see the child and that being able to see your child doesn't depend on paying child support.

Find solutions to your unique divorce concerns

Divorces are personal matters that can be very difficult to work through. It is all too easy to focus on why the marriage ended and to hold onto those emotions when you are going through the divorce. While it is important for you to deal with the emotions you feel, you mustn't let those emotions run the show. You have to keep a clear head and make choices that will put you in the best position possible once the divorce is finalized.

What is a domestic partnership in Colorado?

Domestic partnerships are one legal option for relationships in Colorado. In some municipalities, such as the City of Boulder, you can pay a fee to have your domestic partnership registered. You don't have to be a resident of the city to take advantage of this possibility.

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